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Monday, July 31, 2006

Career Finder

Career Finder

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  • Hello Sirs,
    I could not find a way to contact, so i commentd on this post.

    I am pursuing a career in Computors in India. I am doing Bachelors in computer applications & like many other I am totally confused.

    I have at present three options to chose from. (Rest [please!] suggest if any.)

    1)My brother forces my mind to look for a career in Civil Services as then i will get high status and govt. cars and somewhat good salary($657.03 to $2534.26)(A corrupt official can extract much more).

    2)I have an interest(/aptitude) with anything related to computers, be it programming, database, gaming graphics and everything else.
    {I read on a site, [] that IT can pay me about $13140.62-$15017.85. Whereas another site, [] gave a negative response}

    3) The same site {} states that a management graduate (fresher) can extract the same salary as a highly paid computers graduate.

    4) I can work hard in any field if i will get a good salary from there.

    pls. pls. pls. Help Sir.

    By Blogger aRJun, at 8:10 PM  

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